Cooling Tower Services

Northeast HVAC Solutions proudly represents Marley, the largest cooling tower company in the world. In addition to an extensive product line, we also offer a variety of cooling tower rehab and repair services, specific to our customers’ needs.

Why are cooling tower inspections and repairs important?

Cooling tower inspections can spot problem areas that may not be noticeable, preventing catastrophic failures, which then translates into savings. Proper maintenance and repair can also help extend the longevity of cooling towers, while also decreasing operating costs for the users.

Our experience with cooling towers

Northeast HVAC Solutions has extensive experience with these inspections. We have several local very large facilities that rely on properly functioning cooling towers to conduct their businesses.

One of our recent projects was a Marly NC (3) Cell located at Williams College in Berkshire County, MA. This project incorporated fill replacement, Basin Seam Sealing and comprehensive preventative maintenance on the towers.

A mobile crane service was used to hoist materials and debris on and off the roof. We utilize crane lifts with majority of our projects, which significantly cuts down on labor hours and costs.

The above photo represents the cooling tower prior to repair. There’s a large amount of scaling and debris built up in the fill, which can greatly reduce the cooling tower’s ability to transfer heat.

The fill was replaced with Marley MX75, which incorporates efficient cellular draft eliminators integrally molded within the fill sheets. The fill is the single most important component of a cooling tower.

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Whether looking to learn more about cooling towers, in need of repairs or interested in a cooling tower inspection, we’re here to help with all cooling tower makes and sizes.

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