The history of Northeast HVAC Solutions, Inc. started in 1938. The business has continued to grow throughout the years, expanding representation and building relationships with customers, manufacturers and within the business. Northeast HVAC Solutions has locations in Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse.

Historical Timeline

1938: Franklyn R. Foote, engineer at General Electric Company (GE), saw flourishing success in the HVAC industry and founded the company, then F.R. Foote CO., on Chestnut Street in Colonie, New York. The first two manufacturers that he represented her Marley Cooling Towers and Anemostat Products.

1959: Donald Ferguson Sr., graduate of Hudson Valley Community College HVAC Program, took a position with Franklin R. Foote as Sales Engineer.

1959 – 1970: The company grew its span of representation, including IAC, Twin-City Fans and Loren Cook Co. Growing in success, the firm was supplied fans, registers grilles, diffuses and VAV boxes for many notable projects, including for the Empire State Plaza.

1970: Franklin R. Foote retired, and Donald Ferguson Sr. purchased the company, moving it to a bigger location at 32 Filler Road, Colonie, NY.

1970 – 1987: Donald Ferguson Sr. continued to expand the company’s representation with additional manufacturers and increased sales.

1987: Donald Ferguson Jr. joined his father in the business, attendee of University of Miami and graduate of SUNY at Albany with a BA in Economics.

1992: Donald Ferguson Sr. passed away, and Donald Ferguson Jr. assumed ownership of the company, which had continued to grow and expand throughout his early career.

1992 – 2003: Donald Ferguson Jr. undertook the largest expansion of the firm to date as he sought representation of quality oriented manufacturers who had a well0established presence in the industry. He expanded the offering, building upon the firm’s representation of the Marley line, to include Armstrong Pumps, Griswold Filtration and other water-related equipment. The firm became the only manufacturer’s representative to offer air and water products.

2003: the firm relocated to a larger building at its present location at 898 Route 146, Clifton Park, NY.  Ferguson Jr. also hired additional sales and support staff to support the growing needs of the business.

2009: On January 1st, the growth of the firm and the diversification of products and solutions offered to the customers made it necessary to present a more distinct brand/name, and F.R. Foote Co., Inc. was renamed Northeast HVAC Solutions, Inc. The name change and the new logo, the compass, created a more recognizable symbol of what the company does and how it has grown since 1938.

2014: On May 30th,  Northeast HVAC Solutions, Inc. purchased the Alla Company located in Syracuse, NY, allowing the sales territory to double in size and represented manufacturers, such as expanded representation of Armstrong Fluid Technologies throughout the Central New York region. Northeast HVAC Solutions, Inc.’s ability to serve their customers with quality HVAC products has grown exponentially with the merge of these two companies.

2018: On January 1st,  Northeast HVAC Solutions, Inc. and Slater Equipment Company merged under the name Northeast HVAC Solutions, Inc. This merger of two strong, highly compatible companies has allowed for better services, increased product offerings and enhanced support to the company’s valuable customers.

History of Slater Equipment Company

1969: Slater Equipment Company was established by Richard Slater, who at the time, was working as a representative for a manufacturing firm, prior to moving to Rochester to open his HVAC business. Slater began by selling products from his home.

1978: David D. Principe began working with Richard Slater, and the partners relocated the business to a small home on South Clinton Avenue. They intended to remodel the office space, however, within a year, they required additional space and began looking for a larger building to meet their evolving needs.

1979: Slater and Principe purchased a building in Rochester, located at 768 South Clinton Avenue. They remodeled the building to include office space for Slater Equipment Company, as well as a space for PS Supply, which is a warehouse used to stock products.

1985: Richard Slater retired, and David D. Principe purchased Slater Equipment and PS Supply.

1990: Additional space for offices and inventory was added at the Rochester location, as the company continued to expand.

1994: Slater Equipment added an office and warehouse facility in Buffalo, New York in order to provide additional service and products to western New York. David D. Principe’s sons, David A. Principe and Luke Principe, joined their father in the business. Over the years, David D. Principe has gradually worked his way into retirement, as his sons took on more ownership responsibilities and began purchasing the business from their father.

2018: With continued growth and success throughout the years, Slater Equipment merged with Northeast HVAC Solutions, Inc.